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The Hauser Lake Watershed Coalition was initially established in 1987 when a group of local residents became concerned about a decline in the fish population, algae blooms and visually noticeable degradation of the water quality. The Coalition began testing water quality and, when those results confirmed excess nutrients, high levels of plant matter and low oxygen in the lake water,they raised funds for a very thorough and formal watershed investigation and review. The Entranco Report was the result of that study. Following its receipt, the Coalition worked with local and state agencies for several years to implement the recommendations of the study, culminating in the development of the Hauser Lake Management Plan in 1994.

Shortly after that accomplishment, the Coalition became inactive and was not revived until 2004 when a local fisherman drew renewed interest in improving Hauser Lake’s decimated fish population. That desire to improve fishing got the Coalition back up and running. Its active membership was strengthened in 2005 when a local developer requested permission to withdraw up to 387,000 gallons of water from the lake on a daily basis to supply a development he was planning on the Northeast side of the lake.  With Coalition support, that request was eventually defeated and since that time the Coalition has continued work to maintain and improve the water quality within the lake and its surrounding watershed


Some of the Coalition’s projects since its revival include: construction, maintenance and staffing of a permanent. Rinse Station for the discovery and removal of invasive plant and animal species (such as Eurasian Water Milfoil, Quagga Mussels, Zebra Mussels, etc.) from watercraft before launching into the lake; developing a Lake*A*Syst program to educate local homeowners on best practices for protecting the lake from domestic pollution; lake water and stream testing for pollutants and excess nutrients; and conducting roadside, shoreline and neighborhood cleanups to help remoce waste and garbage that could pollute the lake.

Please take some time to check out the additional information, best management practices and resources we have included here to help you stay informed on lake water issues and participate in protecting our beautiful lake.



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Email us at or contact one of the officers listed below:

President: John Wallis, 208-699-1969 or

VP: JoAnn Wallace, 208-457-8329 or

Sec\Treas: Jo DesMarais. 208-773-0911 or

Mission Statement

To improve and protect the water quality of Hauser Lake and its surrounding watershed through the implementation of good management practices as setforth in the Hauser Lake Management Plan.

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